Deuce and Half
Ventures, Inc.
We are a private micro venture company focused with developing or investing in micro technologies that tie content with new venues. We are seeking contents, content integrators, or content managing or visualizing technologies.
Our vision is to be 'The Shortest Path from Vision to Value'. We want to provide the market with technology and platform to quickly enable content owners to reach the consumers.
Contact us if you are a content owner, integrator, or own technology to manage contents, seeking ways to extend your reach.

Deuce and Half Ventures, Inc.

There are over 70 million websites built on WordPress.  Nearly 37,000 Plugins extend the functionality of WordPress to enable these websites. Clearly, WordPress has surpassed its intended role as a blogging platform. It has become the most widely used CMS for web.

WordPress is our platform of choice for websites and solutions.

Latest News

Launching Frugal Living content sites
(1/23/2015), a frugal living/couponing blogging site

Launching Web Directories content sites
(10/15/2014), a PR7 web directory and, an Authority driven directory in development.

(09/03/2014), serving over 13 million visitors per year.

Launching Logue series of content websites
(08/31/2014),,, all tied with
These sites are early try outs of COSN (Content Oriented Social Network) sites which will be powered by CODE.

Launching Food & Wine series of content websites

Launching, laying the foundation for CODE (Content Oriented Development Environment)
Content Oriented Development Environment extends Object technology to Contents. Looking forward to serve the market with YACC(?Yet Another Cloud-based CMS).

Deuce and Half Ventures, Incorporated.
A California company, Deuce and Half Ventures, Inc. launched on 06/26/2013.