AD Manager

  • Store AD code segments with Effective period and size
  • Ads are served by size
  • To be extended with impression/click through/ etc.

Baby Name Search

  • Search or Browse Baby Names
  • Filter by Religion, Origin, Sex, etc.

Family Nutritional Calculator

  • Calculates BMI's for family members
  • Recommends Calorie Intakes per Day
  • Recommends Balanced Food Triangle for the entire family
  • Converts it to a shopping list

C.O.S.N. (Content Oriented Social Network) Plug-ins
Content Type : Long Text

- Bible

  • C.O.S.N. Plugin with Bible as the content
  • Supports EN & KR.
  • With Cross References and Annotations with Sermons, Praises, etc.

- other books are planned